• Centralised Air-Cooling solution for Factories, Warehouses & electrical rooms etc
  • Centralised Air-conditioning Solution for Offices, Clean rooms & OT applications etc
  • Design, supply & Installation of All Type of Ducting
  • Retrofit work for all type of Air handling, Air Washer ,Ducting & ventilation units
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for all type of air cooling units

Work offered in servicing & retrofit application

  • AMC , routine Servicing & spare part supply for Chillers, Cooling towers, AHUs, FCUs, Air washers & ductable units etc.
  • Replacement of Filters, Cooling & heating coils, electrical heaters, Cellulose pads, eliminators, pump, motor, fans, bearings etc.
  • Replacement & rectification of GI ducts, insulation, piping, electrical panel, Casing & housing of AHU & Air washer, grills, dampers etc.
  • Stand alone automation solution to optimized the flow of chilled water and speed of air flow by means of sensors, controllers and variable frequency drives

Types of Ducting being offered

Round Ducting made of GI, AL & SS.
Rectangular Ducting made of GI, AL & SS.
PUF Ducting made of prefabricated PUF panels.
Fibre Ducting made of high strength imported washable cloth.
Oval Ducting made of GI, Al & SS.
Rectangular Machine Exhaust
Rectangular Steam Exhaust Hood
Round Spiral Ducting With Round Diffuser